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More Valentine's hairstyles! Who's excited?? I know I just love heart hairstyles. I especially love when I find good heart hairstyles for kids and also heart hair that will work on teens/adults too! I think that this Valentine hair would be perfect for any romantic holiday...anniversary, wedding, fun Friday night date, etc..

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To begin this Valentine's day hairstyle start by pulling some of the top hair back into a ponytail near the crown. Remember to keep the style soft and loose. Take one of the remaining side pieces and begin to braid it. Secure with an elastic and repeat on the other side. Take both braids and secure them together directly under the ponytail. This will help keep the elastic hidden.

On the original ponytail we are going to create a heart hair flip. Create a small hole in the ponytail and flip the hair under and through the hole. Secure that out of the way temporarily.

Now take two more side pieces and twist them back toward the back of the hair. Loosen them a little to keep them soft. Take them up and over the braids and bobby pin them.

Lower the flip hair back down and divide it into two pieces. Spray it a little with hairspray or wax to add a little stiffness. You can also tease the pieces a little to add texture. Begin to use these pieces to form the shape of a half heart. Clip the loops down to help keep the separated as you secure them together at the point of the heart.

Readjust any bobby pins that may be showing through and hair wrap the last elastic.

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