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Hey My Loves!! So I met the INCREDIBLE Dr Doris Day while she was in Dubai, and I was blown away by how much she knows about acne, aging and skincare! Dr Doris is a board certified dermatologist based in NYC, and she's an absolute boss in every sense of the word. We did a fun Q&A on Questions you guys tweeted while we were filming. This is NOT a sponsored video, we love Dr Doris and were extremely honoured to have here in our studios. I hope you guys enjoy watching this video and learn a few things you can start implementing! Below is a breakdown incase you wanna skip to specific parts of the video. Xx

Hormonal Acne: 00:24
Acne Scarring: 02:22
Ageing Successfully: 03:23
SPF - Is it necessary? 11:07
Skincare Tavel Routine: 13:05
How to treat darkness around the mouth area: 14:05
The importance of sleep: 14:42
Supplements & Nutrition: 15:35

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