Fake bloggers/social media influencers out of a job | Yasmine Alom

if you want to put your self on the net for the world to see and have your face out there on all platforms, then fine go ahead.

but i felt that sometimes young girls see the glam on instagram or youtube and feel that social media is the only way forward to get that life.

a lot you do not see is the mess that is behind, and i am not just talking about objects on the floor.

it is sad to see some bloggers i have watched for years change for the worse because their numbers have grown. i understand we do not stay they same. but what i mean is that, you do not have to a BITCH about it.

do not just think you will make millians from you tube and that's your life. not everyone will have that success. so yes get a job and get a qualification. because do you really see your self doing the same blogging at the age of 50 - 60.

we should be working yourself up to a comfortable, respectable old age.

i guess a lot more can be said on this matter. but hay this is just my views.

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