My Near Death Experience...

PLEASE spread awareness about panic attacks and panic disorder- it's a REAL issue that isn't just caused from panicking. Those who suffer from panic attacks have them at random times and can be so severe that their lives are truly affected. These symptoms can be present, BUT always see doctors to have tests done! : Rapid heart rate, arm or leg numbness, chest pressure, a feeling of uneasiness, nausea, and even blacking out. This disorder is not just an issue with the mind- it is a physical AND mental condition.

I filmed this video for the sole reason of helping others with panic attacks! You are NOT alone and this IS real. But we will be ok and get through this. What's helped me is praying and meditating each night before bed, taking more time to spend with family and friends, seeing a primary doctor as well as holistic doctor, and exercising. Panic attacks are your body's way of saying to be kinder to it.

For those not suffering from panic attacks, please be compassionate and understanding!! Going through these attacks are like your worst nightmare: your body telling you it's dying. You feel like the world is crashing down on your chest, you are suffocating, cannot see, cannot walk, and cannot even function and this hits at the most random times for no apparent reason. Your mind is almost separate from your body and has no control over it- there's nothing in that moment that you can tell yourself to make it completely go away. Imagine having those episodes regularly- in the grocery store, driving your car, watching TV... Sounds pleasant right? Please think before you judge someone for "being crazy" or "being dramatic" when they are going through panic attacks- they are horrifying and crippling.

Just want to bring awareness and compassion to this!! HUGE hugs to each of you and thanks for watching my super personal story.

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