Hey my loves today I will show you how I organize my threads and sewing notions. I recently got a couple of storage containers from Bins and Things and I am really excited to share them with you. If you are like me who loves tidy and clutter free work space then this video might just be helpful to you. I personally love to work in a tidy area whenever I am working on a sewing project. Messy room just doesn't doesn't spark that creativeness in me so I have to keep my sewing room today all the time. Honestly I am not super orangized person. I like to hide my clutter and what not in decorative baskets and boxes. If I can't see it, it is fine with me but really when I needed to use something it is very hard to find them. I am constantly struggling with that, just ask my husband! Anyway this video means to inspire you and help you organized what ever it is in your space that need to be under control.

NOTE: I mentioned in the video I said it came with pink transparent color. I meant to say it comes in pink transparent color as well.

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I used affiliated links I may or may not get paid when you click on my links. It's just there to help you out if you liked any of the items I showed today.

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