Our Incredible Van Conversion & Tiny Living Tour 12 Passenger To A Solar Camper

https://www.bohobeautiful.life/tour Teami 15% off promo code: "BOHOYOGA"- http://www.teamiblends.com We have embarked on a new journey- camper van life. As we prepared to travel through North America in our van for our Positive Movement Tour, we had some help from our friend Kyle and his wonderful wife Sarah to convert it into an incredible tiny home on wheels. 9000 miles in our stealth camper converted van, we are truly experiencing a new nomadic lifestyle. Oh... and this tiny home has solar power!

How to handle the nomadic van lifestyle is a new territory we are exploring, which includes embracing minimalism, tiny living, and stealth camping wherever we can. But so far it has been nothing but incredible memories and adventures since we sold everything we owned and drove off into the unknown. in full. Here's to new sunsets and sunrises. And we hope you enjoy our Incredible van conversion & tiny living tour XO

If you are interested in getting your van/bus converted feel free to reach out to Kyle & Sarah: [email protected]

Good friend's rad soccer company- www.LifeIsAKick.com

When Mountains Move - North
Eldar Kedem - You And Me
Andrew Kozar- Ha Na's Lulaby

Music By: Artlist.io
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