Double Dutch Half Up | Cute Girls Hairstyles

This lovely double dutch hairstyle is the perfect combination of dutch braids with a half up and hair buns to create an easy DIY hairstyle! This hairstyle is a perfect for a prom hairstyle, a date night hairstyle, a bohemian hairstyle for Coachella, or even just a fun back to school hairstyle! I would love to see some of you use this style for prom hair!

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Begin by parting hair slightly off to one side. On the heavy side of the hair part hair from the eyebrow back to the end of the part on the top of your head. This should form a rectangle shape.

Move the rest of the hair out of the way. With the piece you left out, make a diagonal part line to create two separate sections of hair.

With the back section of hair begin a dutch braid. When finished secure with an elastic. Repeat this process with the front section.

Now take a piece of hair from the opposite side of the head and pull it back. Combine this piece with the two dutch braids and secure them together with an elastic. Remove any other elastics. On the last loop of the elastic joining all the hair together only pull the hair halfway through. Now use bobby pins to create a nice bun shape with the remaining hair. Twist any ends around and into place and shape with bobby pins.

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