Depression, Back Injury, & Healing From Within Boho Diaries | Ep.3 Bali Confessions We have been yearning for an escape from the concrete jungle, the commercialism, the seemingly backwards society that we often felt like we were trapped in. Moving to the Rocky Mountains was wonderful and it gave us a moment to stop and take a breath, but now we're in need of more then just a breath of fresh air, we're in need of learning how to breathe again.

We have finally arrived in Bali. Reflecting on the years and the last few months that brought us here has begun to make it quite apparent that we have our work set out for us. And not work such as our business and brand, but self work. Self work through self care will truly be the theme of the next few months.

May we look back at this period of our life one day and continue to smile. ♥

Thank you for being here with us...

Juliana and Mark


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