Advanced Upper Body Workout for Women (TRY THESE 5 MOVES!!)

For the best upper body workout for women, check out our 90 day fitness and nutrition program This advanced upper body workout for women contains 5 exercises that are pushup variations. It’s a pushups workout for women, but don’t worry if you can’t do a pushup. If you can do one on your knees, then try these pushup exercises that way. These are some of the best upper body exercises for women you can do because you are using your own bodyweight. These 5 moves alone will give you a great womens upper body workout.

Give each of these 5 moves a try before you attempt this entire pushups workout for women. Remember, if you need to you can perform all of these upper body exercises doing the pushups on your knees. For each of the upper body exercises for women, do 10-12 reps per round. If you are a beginner shoot for just 1-2 rounds of this advanced womens upper body workout. If you are more advanced you can aim for 3-4 rounds of this pushup workout for women.

These are just 5 great upper body exercises, but if you’re looking for a full length womens upper body workout check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program Here are the upper body exercises for women that make up this
pushup workout:

1) Rollback Kick Out Pushup
2) Slow Motion Pushups
3) One Arm Downward Dog
4) Leg Sweeper Pushups
5) 1 Leg Press Pushups

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