Giving Up Everything To Wanderlust Boho Diaries | Ep 2. Invermere BC Our first days of being free. Living in an off the grid cabin in the mountains. :)

Well we've made it to our first temporary home, an off the grid cabin in the Rocky Mountains. We have finally finished the long two week drive through snowy Canada and are excited to settled for a short time before we take off again.

Living off the grid is a new experience for us thats for sure, however we are starting to really love it here.

A simpler way of life. Starting to remember whats it's like to listen to real silence again, look at a sky covered with sparkling stars, experiencing the deep freeze of the mountains, and allowing that feeling that we're not coming back truly set in.

Hope you enjoy Part:2 of the Boho Diaries. We made it to our first stop, where to next...?


Mark and Juliana

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