A Day at the Barn - HORSE + PONY VLOG | Kelsey Lee

My career in health & fitness began back in 2005, and although working out and teaching have been my primary source of exercise since, it isn't the only way I stay active! I've been riding and working with horses since kindergarten, thanks to my mom's and dad's hard work and willingness to nurture my horse craziness - and still enjoy spending my time with these big, beautiful creatures as much as I'm able, here at our other family/friends' barn (rgypsys.com). ✔️ If you're new to following along with me, you can find out more by checking out my bio and background at kelseylee.com!

Enjoy the horses, puppies and fun, leave your comments (which horses or dogs are your favorite?) and be sure you're subscribed to the channel for new workouts and more!

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INSTAGRAM - http://bit.ly/kelseyleeIG TWITTER - http://bit.ly/tweetkelseylee FACEBOOK - http://bit.ly/FBkelseylee BLOG - http://www.kelseylee.com Thanks for watching! See you soon!

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