Dad Takes Paisley to Daddy Daughter Dance | Behind the Braids Ep.24

This vlog should officially be known as Paisley week! Follow along with us as we celebrate Paisley's 6th birthday, Paisley gets her hair braided and then has crochet braids added in, and as she and Shaun go on their first official date to the daddy daughter dance!

At our elementary school the dads get to spend an extra special date night with their daughters. It's such fun to have a girl and especially to have a little girl that enjoys time with her father or daddy. Don't you just love kids? Paisley got all dressed up in her fancy dress and Shaun bought her a corsage to wear. She requested sonic for her date night dinner and then they took off to the dance!

At the dance Shaun spent a lot of time dancing to the music with his little girl. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was a baby? After a lot of fun at the dance they came home to tell us all the fun stories.

In this vlog we also show the highly-requested process of braiding Paisley's hair. Since it was her birthday week, we opted to do cornrows in her hair and then add crochet braids. This is a great protective hairstyle for natural hair and keeps her black hair locks looking amazing! I especially love crochet braids for cornrows on toddlers as I can style it multiple ways!

We also show a little bit of Paisley's birthday party and fun. She opted for a unicorn theme this year! She also decided she wanted to take her friend Ivy to get their nails done.

Last enjoy a little flashback clip of Paisley as a tiny baby when we first brought her home!.

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