Backpack or Locker BEAUTY Essentials!

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-Faux leather Flap Backpack from Target

1) makeup wipes by proactive
2) something to do - My sketchbook was a gift to me =)
3) Feminine products -(pads, tampax, etc)
4) house keys - Rope thing from edc, keys from...the...key place..?
5) wallet/ID holder - Target
6) Blotting papers from proactive
7) rohto eye drops
8) Comb from wen hair care
9) Camera Phone
10) Sports bra - Target
11) Philosophy oil free moisturizer
12) Tic-Tacs orange
13) Sunglasses
14) Hair ties/clips/bobby pins
15) Psssssst! instant dry shampoo
16) Body spray and lotion: sweet pea
17) Headphones (current favorite pandora station: Midnight City Radio)
18) Plackers Flossers
19) Your own lunch
20) Clorox instant stain remover pen: (at the checkout section in most stores)
21) Makeup bag: Sheer Minerals concealer/ highlighter palette, Blistex lip balp, Josie Moran lip stain, Black eyeliner
22) Nail polish
23) Dove deodorant

That's it! =)

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