Fall Essentials

Hi everyone! We're so sorry for the delay! My favorite season is fall and we're back with a fall fashion creative to share with you. As the weather cools, consider layering statement pieces with fall items, pairing relaxed trousers for an effortless weekend look, and adding dash of bright colors with sleek silhouettes. Thank you so much for watching!


Soft Blue Sweater :: Autumn Pastels
Create a soft autumn palette by layering delicate hues with statement plaid and neutral bottoms.

Polka Dot Blouse :: Pattern Play
Couple polka dots with a pencil skirt and statement belt for a fun sophisticated office look.

Comfy Sweatpants :: Relaxed Trousers
Pair a structured blazer with sweatpant trousers for a off-duty chic vibe.

Ponte Dress :: Timeless Silhouette
Add dashes of color and tall boots to the classic ponte dress for a cozy fall outfit.

Long Sleeve Denim :: Universal Denim
For a night out, dress up denim with a flare skirt and statement necklace.

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