Brazil Bikini Girls Butt Lift Home Workout!

In this video our Brazilian bikini model is teaching here simple home butt and leg workout. This workout will life your butt and tone your legs.
Her Workout:
Squats onto a chair or bench. 30 reps
Squats onto a chair or bench with 20lbs weight. 30 reps
Frog Hop Squats. 40 reps
Stepping Back Lunges. Do as many as you can.
Stepping Back Lunges With 20lbs weight. 10-15 reps
Weight in the middle squats. 20 reps with 20 lbs. Then 10 reps with 30lbs.
(She's using a Power Block adjustable weight. You can get them at
Jumping Jack Wide Squats. 30 reps.

Rest 1-2min between each exercise.

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