Types of Fabric for Hot Weather

The classic and elegant style or a street fashion that is handled today around the world, suit, shirt and tie, is a style that was created many years ago in countries located far above the line of Ecuador, especially in the countries like England, France and Italy, which have a slightly cooler climate that allows them to use these clothes without difficulty.

But when we speak of elegance in Latin America, Middle East and South Asia for example, we must take into account a number of factors and over time has adapted the classic style to suit the climatic and social conditions in different countries, hence we must do our best to adapt this style to the current conditions of our place of residence. For this, we must take into account certain specific aspects of our climate and latest fashion trends to fight the harsh weather.


The first aspect to consider is the weight. We are talking about that in order to dress in warm weather, clothing should have little weight, it is already quite annoying to withstand the heat to wear a wool suit that will restrict your mobility and will force you to expend more energy in the day.

Solar Protection:

Solar protection therefore becomes very necessary to adapt your style to protect from the sun. Sunglasses and a hat helps protect you much from the direct contact you may have with the sun.

In this vein, it is also important to note that although it is thought that shorts and a t-shirt are the best choice to meet your limbs with the right kind of fabric works best to keep us cool and good energy but you need a proper covering from harmful rays of sun as well. It is always important to note that it is very harmful to the skin direct contact with sunlight.


A final aspect to consider before reviewing the types of fabrics, is the breathability. It is essential that your latest fashion trends (clothes) have the ability to perspire, we mean that your clothes are not made of a very thick fabric, but have a good separation between its threads so that allow the passage of air and your body can expel heat and stay cool all day long. If the fabric does not have this feature, body heat will begin to accumulate inside the clothes and you will suffer a small greenhouse in your attire.


Color is an essential aspect when selecting your attire in warm weather because the more obscure are your clothes, more it will absorb sunlight and will generate heat and you will feel much more heat that you should. So it’s very important to wear light-colored clothes from the latest fashion trends and collections, if possible in order to repel ultraviolet sunlight and remain at normal temperature. 

Types of Fabric:

Now that we have clear these parameters, consider the types of fabrics most suitable for hot climates.


Although cotton is normally considered as a perfect material for cold weather, like wool, there are types of very light fabrics created from this material which are very conducive for using in warm weather. One of the aspects that make cotton a good choice for warm weather, is its ability to absorb sweat, which help us to feel much more comfortable. 


This is a synthetic material created from natural cellulose, which is subjected to different chemical processes to create a clothing suitable for fiber manufacture. Rayon is ideal for warm weather as well transpires, as it has the ability to absorb sweat, dries quickly and is very lightweight.


Raw silk has special properties that make it a luxurious fabric, therefore it is not easy to get, and its price is quite high. But if you decide to follow street fashion and wear silk in warm weather you'll see that you can made a very good choice, because it is very light, it helps you stay fresh and the texture is also very comfortable to wear at all times.

The only problem is that silk does not absorb much sweat and also get wrinkles so easily, but these are quibbles if you think about how good you feel using a silk suit while others die of heat.


If you have an obsession with Denim and want to use it even in a warm weather, we must tell you that denim it is not the best choice for warm weather. Cambray is a fabric that is very similar to Denim and is widely used in hot climates as it has a very smooth and light consistency, so it is a very good option to make it remove heat.


You do not need to know much about street fashion and fabrics to choose the type of fabric suitable for you, just enough to go to the store and try on what you buy. Yes, you must feel comfortable and really try on the clothes, not only to see yourselves in the mirror to see how perfect you look, but try to notice if it is comfortable and light, so you will not have to carry an uncomfortable attire when you get out to walk in the sun.

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