How to wear smart casual dress for working girls

With casual dress at the workplace came the freedom to loosen and diversify on clothing. As for ladies, casual dress came with the opportunity to be a bit more stylish while still maintaining a conservative look. They could now feel more comfortable at work and have the opportunity to stamp their normal office wear with some personal style.

However, the rules governing casual wear vary from workplace to workplace. For example, some workplaces allow jeans while others are greatly opposed to them. A rule of thumb is to check up on what Human Resource advocates for or confirm with work colleagues who have been around for a while. However, some forms of wear will always be acceptable regardless of the workplace.

Tailored blouses and shirts

You can never go wrong with these. They aid in bringing out a woman’s elegance and make her look classy not to mention beautiful as well as respectable at the same time. Always ensure that the garment is ironed and that it does not hug your body tightly. It should also not show cleavage.

Since shirts are normally associated with men, you could do the following to give them a feminine feel:

  1. Shop for women’s dress shirts that are in pretty colors. You do not necessarily have to go for white or blue every time. You could instead try out chic colors such as mint green, baby pink, lavender or peach.
  2. Accessorize with the dress shirt or blouse. Accompany your shirt with jewelry or belts especially if you are donning a dress shirt that is too big. You could also embellish it with a scarf. With scarfs, tuck them under the shirt’s collar, in the same way men wear ties, and have them hang loose.

Sweaters and cardigans

These go extremely well with shirts. Choices of sweaters you should definitely try out include V-neck sweaters, wrap cardigans, cardigan sweaters as well as vests.

Skirts and dress pants

The pants should fit you well, but neither should they be too tight nor too relaxed. The preferred color should also be of a neutral shade.

Skirts on the other hand should be knee length at least. You should perform a test by sitting on a chair you perceive to be of the same height as the office chairs at your workplace. If the skirt recedes too high above the knees when you sit, it might not be appropriate.

Women’s suits

Women suits are the key thing to looking classy and walking with an air of importance in the workplace. While shopping for good women’s suits, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Look for quality fabrics with neutral colors and also go easy on patterns.
  2. Find a suit that is of perfect fit. Tall women would look good in dress suits with simple and straight lines and a wide lapeled jacket, Curvaceous women are best in dress suits that will aid in accentuating their waist as well as their hips.
  3. You should choose styles that are right for your body type.

While looking for what works best for you, you should put into consideration the color and the fabric to the garment you desire. The safest and most appropriate colors include navy, grey, black or tan. However, if you prefer loud colors, there are always alternative ways to clad in them. You could for example, put on blouses or shirts that are in the color you want under a formal jacket or suit.

While you may now have an idea of what is ideal casual office wear, it is also good to know what is not, so here is a list of things to avoid:

  1. You should avoid clothes that have wild or vulgar patterns and colors on them.
  2. Any blouse or shirt that is tight, shows cleavage, sleeveless blouses as well as glittery clothing.
  3. Slippers, tennis shoes and flip flops.
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