How to quickly start conversation with any man

You are in a street walking, and you surprisingly bump into a cute guy’s vicinity, at first, spasms of ecstasy drop down the spine as your mind get entangled in a web of confusion.  What proceeds is a series of possibilities and assumptions of what might happen. As a lady, this scenario is normal, and if handled, you may end up getting a life partner.  However, you need to equip yourself with proper skills that will enable you to do it properly. Are you pondering how that is possible?  Well, just take a look at these tips!!!

Introduce yourself 

Do you introduce yourself to strangers or do you wait for them to make the first move? Introducing oneself is the most straightforward advice and it kills anxiety by creating a serene social platform. Let’s take a scenario where Lucy bumped at a cute guy in the school compound, check out how it goes:-

“Hi, My name is Lucy” The guy replies” Are you new in this place?” The guy replies” Would you mind being my friend?  May I show you the vicinity around the school compound”, believe me, no guy can resist such a kind gesture from a lady especially when new in a place. Keep in mind not to overdo it by revealing so much or diversion to explicit talk on the very day. It may appear that you are cheap, or you are targeting something in him. Keep it straight and simple and if he is interested, he will show some interest.

Take advantage of what is happening around

Sometimes the best conversations are realized from the activities or the physical features that are visible. Take an instance of a sunny day” hey pal? You may find a nice looking guy on a bus, and you get interested in him. Take an example where you are both involved in a traffic jam. Start conversion about how the jam has inconvenienced the both of you. “Are you going far like me” the guy replies, during the conversation you may get surprised getting the address of the man and later pay a visit when you have known each other.

Request for help 

The new survey conducted by “Forbes Magazine” depicts that men feel more motivated when they feel that they are needed. It is scientifically proven that men are more wired to help women who make them feel superior and needed. Asking for help from the guy you just got hoodwinked to will just elongate your conversations and make things straight. Also, during the conversations, ensure to keep your facial gestures relevant like putting a smile on your face, laugh when he makes some jokes and compliment where necessary. If you do all this, be sure to trap the new crush into your empire. Take an instance where Lucy is carrying heavy luggage and you want to pick a phone call but you need some help. Just say “Excuse me, Sammy, can you assist me with my luggage as I pick an incoming call” Sammy will pick your luggage from your hand as you get a chance make some facial expressions.  Remember to keep posted and don’t stare at him so much, show him that you are blushing, and the guy will fall for you.

Make some compliments

Just like girls, men do appreciate compliments especially if it is from a new catch. Take an instance where you meet Sammy at the library and you realize that both of you are looking for books. Sammy is handsome, and you want to have a chat with him, just ask a question and make compliments as a backup. “For instance, Where can I get a book written by Ngugi Wa Thio’ngo” Sammy replies” then you reply- “Thank you, you are sharp, I wish I could meet you earlier I could not have struggled this much”. It will open a chat forum, and you may end up meeting your life partner. 

Now you know!!! Next time you meet a cute guy; do not hesitate to make the first move as sometimes guys are too focused to realize beautiful things. 

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