How to attract boys “10 steps”

As girls, I bet the thrill of life in relation to boys is being admired, adored and often attracting the right breed of men. We can identify with going to lengthy extents to attract suitors or men. Our efforts may not always bore fruits. We do know of some girls with an ever unending queue of admires, right? Or that friend who always seems to get attention wherever she turns. It gets us to wonder what is that they do to get so much attention? How can we be able to attract even half that attention?

 It does not necessary mean that you are unattractive, loose or an attention seeker. Sorry that last part maybe be true to some of us, we love attention from men of course. What are their secrets you wonder? Do they like have a secret charm? Which they turn on and bam all heads are turning, eyes rolling and people bumping into each other because of her? Here are the 10 tips they use to attract boys.

Good smell or scent

We can all relate to how we salivate and think of how delicious the food will be based on smell. Yes, you use that old age psychology. Perfumes are good scented, if well scented they can be your signature smell. The nice smell wafted through the room, floating through bringing a calming and refreshing feeling. Unique and just right, appropriate and well scented will definitely attract boys to you. Couple them with deodorants to keep bad odour at bay and bask in the glory of attracting boys.

Perfumes for Women

Look great by dressing right

Girls spend ages to dress and apply makeup, all are efforts to look great. The many investments of our wardrobes, from that cute dress to the heels we so much love. Looking great isn’t synonymous with expensive. Pair your clothing right, with contrasting colors, ones that standout. However work hard to remain you, dress in what makes you comfortable and do consider the context.

Understand your skin tone

Accessorizing and clothing should be informed from your understanding of the self. Wear clothes that compliment your skin tone and body curves. Clothing that will clearly show bums and curves. But do take caution not to overdo it as it may be an instant turn off too.

Style your hair

How great is your hair, dark, naturally flowing or well tied up on your head? Looks are definitely the first impression, and this can be compensated for by makeup, what of your hair? Well groomed hair, oily and nice looking hair makes you stand out. Walk confidently and appropriately swing your head and curves with legs slightly apart.

Be fun and interesting

Boys love fun, from sports to movies. Get to understand what interest the boy you adore and love it too. Frequent the places he does. Enjoy his jokes, compliment him and be open minded. Get to be playful for example cracking a joke about him, femininely punching him on the arm and so on. But while doing all this maintain your femininity.

Be knowledgeable

Just a cute body and great look won’t get you lasting relations from the boys you attract. A bank of knowledge from the sports to politics come in handy. This will give you a competitive edge as you can converse or join his discussions.

Mirror his actions

Exactly how far should you try that you wonder, not everything dear. Just enough. Enjoy the music he loves, giggle girlishly when he does laugh, cross your legs when he does and smile with him too. But do it with moderation else you will come out as a copycat and desperate.

Walk in style

Use that curvy body of yours. Swinging your behinds beautifully makes you look gorgeous. The attention attracted from swung hips and bums is awesome. 

Be a person of substance

Your personality and character.  The ideal attractive lady is well groomed, clean, delicate and glamorous. Be that.

Smile and be approachable

A friendly smile should he have a glance at you is okay. Maintain brief eye contact and should he catch you staring, blush smile and look away.  This definitely sends a message of your interest and informs him that he can approach.

Have fun when the boy is around

Have fun with your friends whenever he is around. Laugh often, but don’t force it, let it be natural. Your laughter should be paired with appropriate body language and facial expressions.

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