How to attract boys without saying a word

Experts have it that both men and women live in constant fear of rejection and failure. But they do also agree that there is immense power in the unspoken word. Try for example staring at a child, they get the cue immediately. This too if properly perfected and mastered can be used to attract boys. How you wonder, take it slow my dear.

Before any man seizes the opportunity to approach and even say hi there are a mild of thoughts in them, how will I approach, what do I say first, will she turn me off. So how best do you eliminate these doubts? How do you attract without saying a word?

Visually struggle doing something. It does bring attention and attraction. The helpless cute lady struggling for example to zip a bag. It works miracles. Should the cute guy approach and help, politely thank him and ask if there is anything you can do to return the favor for example. Get to strike a conversation.

Visually struggle doing something.

Smile. Despite the diversity of our cultures and backgrounds, some signs are universal. They communicate or symbolize warmth or even friendliness. So put on that beautiful smile while looking at his direction. Briefly hold a gaze at him but don’t stare. Lock eyes, smile and blush before looking away. This is especially useful in noisy and crowded places.

Lock eyes, smile and blush before looking away.

This may sound absurd but it does yield results. Try winking. Yes just a wink can do it too. That naughty smile plus a wink. It definitely sends tonnes of messages. It will get him wondering was that meant for me? Is she kind of into me? Couple it with frequent glances just to check on how he is doing.

That naughty smile plus a wink.

If in crowds try smiling when he does, romantically caress your hair while looking at him. This sends signals of your interest. They tend to seek for his approval before doing something. 

Wear perfume, dress in red and keep fit. Can you be attracted to somebody shabbily dressed, unkempt and who look like they don’t give a damn of the aura surrounding them? Yes I do agree with you, a big no! You see red oozes confidence, it is a bold color, and men love confident women. Perfume heightens it even more, so step out in that tight dress bringing out your curves and wear a nice perfume. Avoid common colors such as green, black, white yellow.


Wear dress in red and keep fit.

Giggle and glance at him, should he look at you turn and giggle more. This gets his attention and raises his curiosity and should he decide to approach, reward him with a warm smile, hold his gaze for a second turn on the femininity in you.

If you are seated cross your legs, one on top of the other and let the tip of shoe point at him. It is basic psychology and has been proven to work in drawing attention.

It is basic psychology and has been proven to work in drawing attention.

You can as well be within his vicinity. Being where he happens to be and liking virtually everything he likes. Smiling and laughing at his silly or even lame jokes, turns him and makes him think that he is interesting. It sends the hint that you enjoy his company and much alike.

All these tips open doors and makes you approachable. A combination of the tips or sequentially following of all of them in any given order will surely have men attracted to you. Try not to come off as timid but shy is okay. Depending on the context, these tips are cues, universal ones that boys will easily pick to approach and strike a conversation. Good luck and all the best, plus do drop a comment on what worked for you.

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