Which kind of nail polish men like on ladies

Each time I go to the nail salon, I contemplate an inquiry each customer there has considered in any event once: are there a specific nail polish colors men love on ladies? A few individuals say it's senseless to arrange your life around what a man likes best on you. While this is genuine, on the off chance that you are out in a focused dating business sector like most women, a great part of the time you are having a go at all that you can to catch a better than average fellow! In any case, what the vast majority don't know is that one of the first things men notice about ladies when initially meeting them is their hands. Furthermore, looking at this logically, it is truly inescapable on the off chance that you are out for beverages or supper in light of the fact that they are directly before you. So trust it or not there are a few nail polish colors men love!


Is it true that you are obsessed white nail treatments? So are guys! As young ladies, we all have a slight obsession on white. It's an excellent go-to shading in light of the fact that it matches with anything and "everything!" It's an impeccable nail trim shading in light of the fact that it'll keep you looking chic and complex - something your man will love. You can include some accessorizing so as to shade with some fun rings!


Most men affection to be reminded that their date is delicate and ladylike, red is the best nail shine shading to do only that. It is not very brilliant or excessively inconspicuous and it includes only the perfect measure of womanliness. Magenta is one of the nail polish colors men love for every one of these reasons and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It is immortal and can be worn with basically any outfit and amid all seasons of the year.


Since black nail polish can be considered a bit "harsh," try using grey instead. It's a lovely, unbiased shading that'll look extraordinary with anything you wear! Men will love the simplicity of it.

I'm certain there are numerous nail polish colors men love. Will you think about any I missed? Have you ever worn one of these colors out on the town and gotten compliments? You will surely be wowed!


Like the expressive dance shoe pink, a nude polish is ideal for any event. It keeps your nails looking normal and basic, while as yet figuring out how to look exquisite. Naked nail shine is ideal for when you need to keep things calm!


Its a dependable fact when men crimson red they consider drop dead sexy. Red unquestionably merits a spot amongst the nail polish colors men love in light of the fact that even the name itself shouts VA VOOM! Red can flavor up the nails of both full grown women and youthful grown-ups due to its exemplary flexibility. I have seen a few women game red with a couple of pants on a trek to the shopping center, while others pair it with lacey dark night outfits.

It is extremely female, alluring and even Bon Jovi sings about it in his song You Give Love a Bad Name. Keep in mind the verses, "Dark red nails on your fingertips, a school young men dream you act so timid." Now by what method would you be able to not pick blood red at your next nail trim in the wake of listening to that little ditty!

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