What I Wear and What Should I Avoid on a Graduation Party?

A graduation dinner is an event starts a new era in which we have to face this terrible and unknown being called “protocol”, which is often frightening and creates confusion in the way in which to deal with it. But oddly enough, in our point of view, a graduation party is one of the easiest events to overcome this fear if one takes into account latest fashion trends and a number of points before starting to buy or seize materials to succeed in that night. 

How to succeed in an event like this? What we consider to blend? Today here we inform all the details so you can become the best dressed of the night and your classmates and teachers envy styling like yours. 

So let's give some light touches on the subject to see if you can help.

Some basics to consider

The first thing to consider is whether the dinner is organized by the center (college or university) or a group of friends. If the first named, you must get informed before time if there are any rules about “essential code” to follow. Many universities have already pre-defined protocol that you must respect.

On the contrary, you must take into account the community you are going to attend. After all, it is not the same dinner party where you have at your table all teachers and family in a more intimate and personal style or with friends where the dress code can shine throughout the dinner.

The key is to be comfortable with yourself and yet not stand out from the rest, so it should also address the issue with other peers to have a vague idea of how they intend to attend the rest of the guests.

One should also take into account that most of the schools, universities or research centers, often require wearing a toga or similar garment on that occasion, so most of your wardrobe will be covered and some will strive to result impeccable. In these situations, you must pay special attention to latest fashion trends while choosing: 

  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Shirts

The Dress Code is Important

You must be clear, as we always say, follow the general dress code of a graduation party. If this is not clear from the organization it is a big problem and you should fix it. 

The Key

Tie/bow tie, which is where we translate our whole personality, and to a lesser extent the shirt, if it may be possible opt for plain designs, light colors in dark winter and if it is a summer function then put stripes, spaced as possible and matching tie tones. You're young, so bet on the color and diversity and run as far as you can of the total look. And above all, you must feel comfortable with what you're wearing. 

Casual Graduation

When a graduation is set in the morning then you must go for light colors where casual inspiration should be the real protagonist. Basic pants in beige or blue, plain shirts or with a very small Vichy print or informal blazers can be your best choice. You can find these three looks in latest fashion trends at “Zara”.

Afternoon or Evening Party

Blue, the dull gray or black color with shirts and accessories in softer colors are ideal for afternoon or evening party.

High School Graduation Dinner

If it is a dinner of high school graduation, joviality is the factor to take into account, so you should reject complete suits and opt for blazers or blazers and combine them with pants, chinos or even denim. In this case, the best option would be a gray or pearl ash in summer and a dark gray or dark blue in winter.


As we said before, you should play with colors in accessories and take risks with them. If your choice is the bow tie, you should bet on the most striking tones to give a touch of originality. If you prefer a suitable pattern within the season: paisley, flowers or dots can be a good choice. 


Let your dreams come true and get transformed into a gentleman to attract a lot of attention. In addition to the latest fashion trends, do not forget all the accessories that adds an unexpected finishing touch. Make your prom an unforgettable event that will not break the bank.

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