Dress to Impress your First Lunch Date

Are you looking for a stunning outfit for your first lunch date and beyond? Whether it’s a lunch date or a meet up in a leisurely day out, the goal is the same to adopt an honest style with your comfort in mind while you adopt the latest fashion for women.

Struggling with uncomfortable underwear or a cap with constrictive skirt dress cannot let you think about the imperative things, like knowing your date and expressing yourself with great ease. For a lunch date, you should look attractive without seeming overtly sexy.

How to impress him?

Step 1

Use a tube dress or shift. Unlike a skirt, you have to not worry about a dress hiking up or unequally resting on your hips. A basic dress plus a couple of pieces of jewelry or a flattering belt is pioneering and impressive. On the contrary, a knee-length dress is appropriate for a casual or elegant lunch. You can infuse the latest fashion for women as per you aspirations. 

Step 2

Choose the right jewelry for the day as a bracelet or small earrings pendants. Do not wear too much or tacky jewelry. 

Avoid wearing chandelier style earrings or a dozen jingling bracelets. To schedule an appointment for lunch, smart ad casual dressing is a good guideline to follow. 

Step 3

Pair your dress with a fitted jacket or shrug. Taking away your jacket is an impressive movement of energy.

Step 4

Wear comfortable shoes as cute flats or a wedge with a low heel. Pay attention to your toenails if you are wearing open shoes. Remember, every small detail counts. Finish your outfit with a light a sweat smell of a French perfume but do not overboard with the smell though many people have allergies.

How to excite her?

Step 1

Select a pair of dress pants from the latest fashion for men before going to a lunch date. Stick with dark colors like navy, black or gray. Khakis also make a good choice for a date during the day.

Step 2

Use a V-neck shirt into pants. A V-neck elongated neck makes men look taller and more masculine. You can also choose a favorable color that complements your pants, like black, gray or light blue heather. If you prefer, you can use an ordered polo shirt, with a tanning khaki pants.

Step 3

Slide a thin black belt around your waist. Avoid over tightening the belt if you want to be comfortable for your lunch date. If wearing brown pants, avoid wearing a leather belt.

Step 4

Select shoes to match the combination of your shirt and pants. Loafers, boat shoes or dress shoes are suitable for a lunch date. Unless you are dining by the beach, avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops for a date. Finish your outfit with a single jet of signature perfume.


Use something familiar from latest fashion for men that boosts your confidence. A suit that fits well and flatters your figure is a better choice than one which is expensive or a suit that does not suits you well.

Things You'll Need

  • Dress
  • Bracelet
  • Fitted jacket or shrug
  • Floors or wedge shoes
  • Fragrance
  • Pants
  • V-neck shirt
  • Polo
  • Belt
  • Dress Shoes

You must consider what you will wear on that day and what clothes are best you feel your figure to be smart and make the cut before the date you have been invited approaches. Although sometimes we have to choose the costumes for a man or woman to going to a date is something simple. 

However, you must also take into account a number of things to come up with to make the most successful date and show off the kind of appropriate label for the look for the occasion. 

At girlvalue.com, we want to help you with simple tips on how to dress for a lunch date so do not hesitate to follow and become the most glamorous guy or a girl for your first lunch date.

In search of an impressive outfit for a lunch date and beyond? If eating during a break from work or a quiet day meeting, the goal is the same: to present a statement of honest style with your comfort in mind.

Struggling with uncomfortable underwear or a cap with a skirt dress constrictive can keep your mind off important things, like knowing the date. For a lunch date, you should look attractive without seeming overtly sexy.


Whether you're planning a first romantic date in a nice restaurant or hanging out with your partner, there may be times when you need to bring your best dress to table. A good rule to remember is that it should be more appropriate for the occasion and the time of year.

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