Fashion for Curvy Women: Fashion and Pleasure

You are plumper? Do not be ashamed of your curves and stop getting dictations and lectures on slimness, because most women are size 42 or even more, so are you embarrassed? It’s just like what some of the latest magazines are not a reflection of reality! So do not be complexed, it is like what we are, and it's easier to take and accept it. Adopt Plus size fashion and make your own signature style. 

Human body is not perfect, so you better know how to dress and deal with what bothers you, especially if you have wide hips, square shoulders, big tummy, just transform your complex through your dressing sense. 

Because you do not know what to do with all of our lines, we have compiled a bunch of tricks so that you can always dress to perfection! Follow our useful tips for dressing with wide hips, large breasts, wide shoulders or a giant belly.

The Height

Asses your height and dress according to your curves. If you are fat and heighted, then you need to choose a blouse or a female shirt which complement your bulky body and height. And for fans of chic style, do not deprive yourself of a high lace! In winter prefer a large sweater round neck for a feminine look and wear jumps in tights or leggings with a pair of fine boots. In summer, try to play with exotic colors and soft textures.

Wide Hips

Despite all the ideas even if you have wide hips your body allows you a lot of fantasies! First, the carrot pants or trousers is an ideal piece and should not to be missed. It is hyper feminine and if you try it with pumps, scalpels or low boots with high heels, then you will be divine!

Want more feminine ideas? Dare molten short, it can be worn in summer and winter with opaque tights or knee socks. Recommended for morphologies in "V" (v shaped bodies). Finally, make up with a perfect pair of jeans. 

Last but not least, we end on a glamorous key skirt. Its elegant design will delight every working girl at heart. 


In the evening: a dress to shine!

What could be more beautiful and simple than a little black dress with encrusted belt which makes you an elegantly simple woman? A little more imagination may be? Bet on a girly dress with rustling and falling, with ruffles that will shape your figure. Don’t you think it’s pretty?

You can also adopt some round fashion. Women often hesitate before a pretty strapless design or any other plus size fashion. However, it's even prettier on a healthy lady. Why? Because unlike a ramp which will tend to mark and highlight the curves, strapless dress will put your assets in safeties. 


Fashion accessories for round women 

And finally do not forget the accessories, because these are as essential as each other! 

Let's start with number one: the shoes! And again, do not just stick to relaxed shoes: also think of high heels, which refine the body outline. 

Find jewel and opt for large rings. You can use color type neckless around the neck make sure which is most appropriate to your body.

How to identify your morph type?

Women with a menu bust and broad thighs should opt for belted dresses and colorful tops that draw more attention to the eye. Loose pants or boot cut jeans are also preferred.

Conversely, women with broad shoulders and a generous bust have interest to prefer cuts close to the body and plunging necklines. 

For women with shoulders and hips in alignment, try to find the dress which covers you elegantly. Topped by a pair of shoes or a pair of heels to lengthen your figure offset, you will be on top. 

Finally, the rounded curved women should wear clothing belted at the waist. Opt for a jacket or belted tunic nicely to harmoniously sublimate their curves.


Live fashion in an uninhibited way. Try to choose clothes perfectly suited to your body and your assets. Exfoliate your little flaws with clothes that balance and harmonize your profile while sublimating your curves. 

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