How Important Makeup Is For Man for First Date

Going for first dates must be one exciting and fun experience for anybody. You might have jitters that get expected or super nervous and in need of creating a good impression as it counts most.  Makeup can help you boost your confidence, enhance your looks and pave the way for a second or more dates depending on the impression the other party gets. All you need to know is the dos and the don’ts to avoid embarrassments. Below are a few tips on first dates:


An important key to keeping your natural face looking all fantastic is to have your foundation well and professionally applied. It is essential to double check and make sure the foundation matches with your skin. Begin laying your foundations with a concealer that best matches your skin tone for covering dark spots on your face not forgetting to apply a semi- sheer liquid foundation on the necessary areas.

Foundation Makeup

Arguably you should keep your blush light and soft as guys do not like harsh and dramatic makeup.  Strive to choose a peachy color for your blush maintaining super feminine features and avoid going overboard with it.


Powder helps keep your skin on point and smooth even when nerves kick in.  If you happen to have, an oily face is sure to have a high-quality powder that looks natural and sets your skin color with you. It might come in handy especially if you tend to shine up while under pressure.

Mineralize Foundation / Loose

Remember to keep your powder light to avoid looking overdone as it also enhances your foundation even more making you look naturally great. 


When choosing mascara, be keen enough to choose one that does not flake or look unnaturally.  Natural based mascara are the best for your first date as it does not irritate the eyes and can add a few more coats to make your eyes pop.  When it comes to your eye shadow, choose one that compliments your coloring and apply it lightly to avoid looking unnatural.


Wet & Wild Color Icon Brow & Eyeliner


The best important enhancement in your date is your lips.  It is an important feature and, therefore, be sure to keep a healthy pout. On your first date avoid red lipstick. It signifies boldness; sexiness and super attractive but keep it low-key and light so as not to be mistaken for trying too much on the first impression.  Preferably, wear a lip-gloss color that should be a sheer, tinted gloss that looks more casual and feminine.


Plastic Soft Tubes, Lip Gloss Tube

Keeping your makeup simple can help you become less stressful as you try to impress and keep your natural looks. It should enhance your features behind little flaws that you might have but maintaining a natural look. Lastly, remember that your makeup should complement the your dress code.

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