Why Black and White are overrated in Men’s Closet?

Firstly, because these colors prove to be impractical. When black is not worn with pretty dark tones (or other black a little suspicious) and white with very light colors, it breaks the equilibrium of a perfect outfit. Moreover, if those colors do not support associations with cheap materials, they themselves tend to quickly lose their luster. At washes, the white tends to grayish, and black turns faded.

Another drawback:

Black and white, if put together create a too sharp contrast (and even more so for people with clear skin) that draws the eye irreparably and again just deconstruct your image in general. Finally, except when it is required to dress exclusively in black and white, it denotes lack of imagination.

Seriously, do you really hold yourself to look like those hordes of lemmings employees arising from subway stations at rush hour? Follow the latest fashion trends, black and white are not those colors that make your personality a value, even if taken separately.

4 reasons not to wear black:

  1. Black is bad association especially when it comes to the quality of fabrics, the contrasts are quickly felt between the different parts and borders on bad taste - typically a set consisting of quality leather jackets, cheap shoes and mesh leather. To hell with these synthetic materials like polyester and shiny appearance of the worst effect.
  2. Because the black quickly gives an undertaker effect. Black draws attention to the clear elements, accentuating the dark circles, wrinkles and all skin imperfections. If women can overcome this disadvantage thanks to their makeup bag, but men who do not have the time to makeup or hide the dark spots of their skin.
  3. Because the black inspires boredom, and this is perhaps its biggest flaw. Even well-cut, quality fabric black coat still looks like the perennial black cloak worn by 95% of the male in winter. So you better avoid wearing black. 
  4. Because even black would suits you well, that's not an excuse. If you are brown with thick hair and dark skin, you are those in which black goes... but also blue or gray, and all the colors of the male wardrobe. So why deprive yourself? Try some other color which boosts your personality. 
Black suits

4 reasons not to wear white:

  1. Because white is not a neutral color. It’s far to link its white concentrated light with different parts of an outfit and therefore brings more attention to itself. 
  2. Because white overloads a quick look. With the exception of a pair of sneakers, moderation is always required. For ties and belts, opt for more pearly tones. As for the monochromatic look, unless you live in Miami, avoid it. 
  3. Because white amplifies everything. Any excess volume is always noticed immediately while some faults such as being overweight can be increased.
  4. Because white is super messy, but here your mom already told you a long time. Try to avoid white, if you don’t want to wash your dress again and again. 
White Suits

The alternatives?

If black and white are not completely banish from your wardrobe, use them cautiously. Blue, gray and brown (which includes the beige) must have your preference. These are one of those colors that should compose the base of your outfit and that will allow you to stand out without lifting a finger. And yes menswear is not always as complicated as we think! Just make some common sense, follow latest fashion trends and try to come out of black and white era. Read more about Men’s Fashion Trends for summer 2016.

The alternatives

No rules without exceptions:

Keep the black and white invincible in your wardrobe, however, keep black reserved exclusively if you want to dress up formally. If you want to play a little rock star, black jean is absolutely recommended, besides if you put the price it ages extremely well and incidentally can develop a beautiful patina gray.


Black suit with a white shirt could be a better option for a prom or a reception, but there are some other vibration colors which you can play with if you want a different look. 

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