Trendy Summer Fashion for Women

Discover the new fashion trends for spring/summer 2016 that cannot miss in your closet.

Pastel Colors:

Typical bright colors of spring and summer will stay fashionable, but 2016 will be marked by the pastel colors. The leading fashion houses seem to have wagered on colors that convey tranquility, serenity, nostalgia, colors that link between nature and the urban side. It is also the first time that the color palette is the same for men and women. Be prepared for lots of soft, light blue, ocher and white roses with a lot of white. If you're not a fan of pastels, do not worry. This is also the season of yellow, green grass and orange for the latest fashion for women.

Stamping Check:

One of the Latest fashion for women we have seen on the catwalks is the Stamping Check. The check is the same as the check pattern. Of course, we do not refer only to plaid prints but any type of painting print, from classic to modern. The silver color has been a fashion trend in the winter, but we can see it in the spring as well. In short, it seems that we like shine, but the trends show us that your choice must be silver for a dazzling appearance. 



Black lace, embroidery and applications will be part of the Latest fashion for women for the summer season. All that highlight the clothes and turn them into something unique. Textures are very in.

Floral Prints:

Like every spring, the flowers come back and this time, the floral prints come to dominate our wardrobes. Or at least it should be. Dresses, blouses, jackets bomber, skirts, shirts and beautiful dresses with floral prints are among the new fashion trend of summer 2016. 

Summer 2016 highlight the 70s style, but with modern touches. To achieve this you need straight and long pants to the ankle. These type of pants have already swept the runways. If you are one of those who prefer to wear a skirt, then you cannot help but buy a pleated skirt and pastel color. 

Opt for a model in rose quartz or blue serenity, fashionable colors. Last but not least, we highlight the return of the tweed jackets. Thanks to Chanel, it has again become a trend. Choose short and fresh and energetic colors like yellow and red models.


This will be another Latest fashion for women for the first half of 2016: flyers. On T-shirts, dresses, pants, wherever you want. The flyers are in but are divided as to inspiration. This year you will find garments inspired by flamenco, with typical Spanish flyers, ideal for informal and casual contexts for their movement and grace.

If what you're looking for something more formal and classic, do not worry. You will also find many garments inspired by the English Victorian era, for example, blouses and dresses and frilly neckline uploaded.

Shoulder Dresses:

Bohemian dresses have returned with a 70’s touch. Wake your inner hippie and do not miss the opportunity to teach those shoulders as you face the heat in style. Short or long, shoulder dresses are for all occasions.


2016 returns to break with the concept that is only for denim jeans. There were several designers who presented their collections for spring-summer 2016 fashion dresses, which includes jackets, coats and skirts in this fabric. But if you think this is a nod to the 80s and 90s, you're wrong. Jeans as a garments for this year have a modern and contemporary design, with a classic and casual bohemian style.


If you have a plus then it is essential to choose clothing that fits you well. If Latest fashion for women do not give you a good feeling then it’s better to forget. It is very important that you know your body well, the parts you like so you can choose the clothes you favor. For example, if you have beautiful legs choosing knee skirts can be a better option. 

Of course, there are also clothing tricks that help you to hide the parts you least like. For example the leggings are perfect for your comfort and that fit perfectly to the body. Opting for smooth models and in dark colors. 


Summer 2016 arrived and we all want to look fashionable, fabulous and stylish in the hot season. We bring you the Latest fashion for women that will rage in the spring/summer to go arming your looks and creating an elegant couture for the season.

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