How to wear smart casual dress for working man

Professional men today are increasingly losing interest in formal dressing and the trend is becoming increasingly more formal-casual dressing. It is important to note that when discussing the casual formal term I am not referring to any type of dress, but still presentable for meetings, interviews, business lunches and obviously for all additional events that you face daily.

More cumbersome it may seem, but it is worth paying attention to the way you dress as a working man in a place where there is no dress code. Follow these tips to wear a smart casual dress in a professional environment. 

Be Reasonable:

Casual dress for work does not mean you wear a loose shirt, a pair of torn jeans or pants size larger (to feel more comfortable) and a pair of old shoes that gives a feel like walking on clouds. You better work on your casual dressing for your workplace. 

Choose the right shoe:

Choosing the right shoe is the first step to dress in a more mature way, believe it or not, many people judge a man by his shoes (so the girls too). It will be your first pick, so pick one that does not hurt your feet and looks good and sober. 

Color Scheme:

If you are not an expert in combining clothes, colors and tones, then you should start with the basic combinations:

  1. Gray with white, black with white, black with gray.
  2. Black with light blue, gray with blue or pink, dark blue with beige or yellow.

Gradually you'll get used to creating more daring combinations, adding certain details in other colors and even combining colors with each other. Not to be exceeded, the extravagant outfits are not recommended for use at office. 

Remember, start with a base color tone and began to generate a chromatic environment to give more life and dynamism to your dress. This color combination can also be generated with your fittings and right accessories.

Respect your body shape:

The first step that must be clear to dress well is to consider your body type. For example, a suit will look much better on a short thin man, or a shirt with English neck is perfect for the man with a round face.

Do not forget to project a good image of you. If you have more volume on your belly, then use darker colors. If you have broad shoulders, then use a dress pant which is cut straight to visually distribute the volume of your ankles with respect to the shoulders. Similarly, if you have thin legs, then do not use so baggy pants because instead to hide your legs, you will produce greater movement and appear to have even thinner legs.

Dress according to your age:

So many times I've seen a 30 looks like 40, or a 40 looks like coming at 60 while many others manage to take several years off due to the type of clothes and colors they use. It’s really not a matter of takeoff or put on years, but a matter of looking neat and stylish according to your age. Just do not overdo the way you dress, you need only to use fair colors, better combinations and the right style to suit the environment of your working place.

Respect your office: 

It is true that on a personal level we expect others to accept us as we are. But at work, a good image is always taken into account. If you aspire to have a better position within the company then Project yourself as if you have already received the promotion. 

Stop thinking that dressing well is something superficial, it is not. It might not be your case, but currently, there is high unemployment and competition is increasing every day. Projecting a good image that complements your skills and professionalism is ideal. Remember to add positive attitude and optimism together with your kindness, courtesy and a smile.

Follow these tips and retain your personal goal to look good, presentable and project the image of the company. At the end of the day you represent the calling card of the company for which you work. You're just part of a business and as such you must create and maintain a good image through your dressing.


You can wear casual dresses in office, but all casual dresses are not made for the office, so make sure your dress doesn’t look weird, however, includes a detail that speaks.

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