Men’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2016

Keep Cool this Summer with Latest Fashion for Men

The heat is just around the corner so sure you'll be thinking about filling your closet shirts, summer jackets and shorts with which to face the first weeks of scorching heat. Summer is also a season in which many special events, such as wedding or communions are given, so if you are looking for suits and casual dresses for summer then let us guide you. We have revealed below the key fashion trends for men for summer 2016.


This year the dusty pastel colors are present in all fashion collections for men. We can see from a dry green to red coral. However, indigo blue and other hues of blue are presented as the protagonists of the season. In addition, veteran designers named “Grass Turf” and “Deep Ocean” as the color of the year so we can see this pink in many menswear. Nor should you miss in your wardrobe "Green Comfrey" which is a similar but more grayish emerald green.

Floral Print

The stamped with greater presence for this summer season is floral. We can find all kinds of flowers and different sizes in shirts, jackets, pants, accessories and even in bags. So if you want to look very modern and in line with the latest fashion trends, then you should not miss the flowers.

Encouraged by the success of high ranges of fashion brands such as Givenchy and Hype, more and more brands are offering their own unique style in these types of patterns. In short, if you prefer to emphasize, it will be easy to find a tailored floral motif that suits your personal style. 

Style Tip: If you dare not wear a garment with floral print all can choose to use it in details like a pocket handkerchief or edge and cuffs of your shirt.

Oversized Cuts

Designers have put aside ultra slim outlines and proposed looser and wider cuts. We can find shirts, coats, jackets and oversized pants with light fabrics to give freshness and comfort in this warm weather.

Image Tip: Be careful with this trend as too broad cuts could make you look very bad, especially if you're a very thin man.

Sport Style

One of the strongest inspirations is sports this year. We see garments that resemble uniforms and clothing to practice different disciplines such as cycling, boxing, sailing, cricket, surfing, karate and even urban sports like skateboarding. Definitely a very comfortable and casual proposal for informal occasions.


In order to beat the heat, nothing is better to stay cool with Bermuda shorts. For this summer, you can choose two extremes: very short and tight shorts and on the other hand, wide and long, similar to those used by basketball players.

Image Tip: If you are a man of low or medium height, then you can use short shorts. On the contrary, if you have a great height, long and baggy Bermuda’s will look great on you.

The Fifties

Casual fashion from fifties is present in this season with bowling a full cut, loose and neckline pronounced V-shaped characteristic type shirts and with wide waist pants.

Simple Cut Suits 

And in a matter of suits and formal dresses for working men, we return to the (low waist than current) classic and simple cuts with clean outlines and inconspicuous buttons. We can find some cross buttoning and as many single-breasted one or two buttons. As for the flaps shall be presented in many styles: Pico, Square, and Tuxedo. The most used color is blue in different shades and sand color. If you want to find more interesting ideas to dress casually, must read the following article: “How to Wear Smart Casual Dress for Working Man


These are the most important latest fashion trends of summer 2016. Remember that to have a clean image and personal branding, you should take only the trends that favor you.

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