How to Quickly Start Conversation with Any Girl

When you see a girl that you really like, you probably worry about starting a conversation. You must make a good impression and that usually means getting involved in a nice conversation. There are plenty of opinions on how to set this conversation, but sometimes the best way is to choose something casual. At least, create an impression and initiate an interesting conversation.

To start a conversation, it is very important to have a safe and firm voice and not be hesitant or with a trembling voice, because this impression will be perceived that you are an insecure man.

Break the Ice

Try to flatter or look out for some interesting topic which gives rise, something of a common name, the city where you live. Start with easy things with a friendly body language. Smile when talking, look into the eyes, and give positive signs. The most important thing is to have "desire" to communicate with a girl. If there is interest and desire the topic of conversation will follow and ice melts!

The Coincidence

The world is full of interesting and unusual facts, convenient and useful to attract someone's attention for the short time. If your fact is particularly interesting, this can open up a healthy conversation about the topic. So before you go somewhere where it is likely to meet a girl, memorize some facts. These could include the fact that Coca-Cola was actually green when it was invented or that the Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.

Make a Casual Question

A casual question makes her involved in the conversation, without going too deeply from the beginning. For example, you could ask what would be her dream car or where in the world would she like to visit on holiday. Just make sure you choose questions that do not require too long or detailed response so that the conversation can quickly develop. You may also avoid asking things too personal or make your intentions obvious, like asking if she has a boyfriend.

The Favorites

Asking a girl to say the five favorite things about a particular topic can be a big risk. Do no create a barrier if she has no interest in the topic. General questions about the favorites include asking names of books, favorite TV shows or movies. For a fresh twist on the idea, try to ask her about her favorite breakfast cereal, or a place for hangout.

Use the Environment

Whether you are on the beach, at a party or even in a university hall meeting, the environment is full of things you can comment. The environment is your best tool for this type of quick and casual interaction with a girl. For example, if you are reading a book, check out the text and make some comments on it.  

Treat Like Your friend

Search outgoing, funny, spontaneous or simple side of you and to achieve this is to make a little joke without a mess. The important thing is that she must feel comfortable with you and feel good about yourself.

Visit Different Places

Some guys have routine activities and usually stay in environments where there are very few women. These guys often complain they do not know where to meet more women. What we recommend is to start new activities like join a fitness gym, yoga class, visit tourist attractions, shopping malls and begin addressing girls, make small conversations and gradually lose your fear and therefore begin to explore new opportunities.

Start Meeting Women on Your Own

The most successful seducers out alone, many feel stupid if they come to talk and meet women they need someone to accompany them. Explore your emotional life and do not depend on your friends, if you do it yourself you can start a conversation with girls.

Be Positive

To achieve mastery in anything you set your mind to, you need to be consistent and continue despite the obstacles, if you've tried thousands of times and it does not work, it is because you have the wrong mindset. Successful people think that failure is an opportunity to learn, learn from your mistakes, be positive and think “I am about to improve my social skills and succeed in what I've always wanted”.


For many the hardest part is how to keep the attention of a girl. Well, keep your communication interesting and unpredictable to involve a girl in a good conversation.  Do not hide what you are and project your real personality, your identity. Be original, unique.


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