Fashion Trends and Tips for Short Heighted Women

Short woman, this article is for you! We will share some important fashion tips for those whom nature has not rewarded them with long legs. Short women should be aware that there are some clothes forbidden for the because of their height. But just as there are items that do not favor us all and we “cut the legs”, but there are some tips to enhance your looks while you overcome the height issue.

Are you short and you want to look sleeker and higher than what you are? Let us share the some tips with you and even with 1.53m of height, you should know by heart what you should use and what not. There are the YES and NOs for fashion for short women.

High Heels:

High heel is a faithful friend of short women. This type of footwear is best, because it makes you taller and stylized. Try to wear shoes with 10 cm heel at least. If you're not use to of it, express fashion with low heels first.

Today there is a huge variety of shoes with heels. You must add them to your closet! There are no excuses. 

High Waist Garments:

High-waist pants are super flattering for short women, for as shoes above the waist, create the illusion of longer legs. Combine your high-waist garments with good heels and get a 100% fit for small perfect look.

Vertical Striped Pants:

Vertical striped pants are latest trend-and if you're petite you can use it! It is known that ultra-printed vertical lines stylize your figure and make your legs particularly spindly to see.

Combine Similar Colors:

Making a look of entirely the same color or different shades is a trick that helps to stylize the body and therefore lengthen the figure and dissimulate your short legs. For example, you can wear heels with stockings, jeans, pants or dresses of similar colors.

Skirts and Short Dresses:

Short women must not wear skirts and shorts or knee-length dresses. The more skirts you wear, more legs are shorter and smaller.


Not all fashion tricks for small women focus on legs enlargement. A surefire way to look taller is to use V neckline shirts in creating the optical illusion of slimmer neck and longer torso.

Long Skirts:

They are beautiful, comfortable and fashionable. But, if you’re small, they do not express fashion sense. A long skirt to the ground do not stylize your body and therefore makes you lower than actually you are. So if you are small, then you seem lost in the clothing.

Fishermen Pants:

Ban fishermen pants, or those that extend below the knee, because they shorten your legs. Since you are shorter, hence, long trousers must reach the feet.

Hip Jeans:

Jeans, skirts and shorts to the hip are much better for women measuring over 1.65 meters. So forget them!

Half Boots:

Short women should wear knee boots or high heel. Make sure you avoid half boots because it gives a feeling that your have shorten the leg and therefore “shrinking” between your shoes and your dress. If you are small and also thin, avoid too long boots.

Loose Clothing or High Volume:

Choose clothes close to the body, such as skinny jeans, for example. In contrast, with lose or large clothing don’t recharge your look with many items or bulky you do not feel quite right because it makes you look smaller, or lost within the clothing. Always try to use your size and clothing that fits your figure.


Fashion beautifies our persona, however, a bad choice in a garment, a wrong print, or a shoe can play against and accentuate your flaws. We provide some styling tricks to express fashion and look taller so you can stop complaining for your height. We give you some clues to choose the opposite defect to your body and not be a victim of fashion garments and shoes.

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