How to Dress for a Night Out

Do you have a dinner or a party in mind? Have you been invited to an event at night and do not know what to wear? Commitments to differentiate between day and night will help you find the right look for every occasion. Shine, elegance or sexier feel are the keys to look perfect for a night out with your guy. 

The night not only gives us dances and discos, it also may have many different plans and must be always perfect for any occasion. The important thing is to choose a package that suits you, with whom you feel comfortable and, above all, highlight the best of your figure.

At we have some ideas on how to dress for a night out. Feel comfortable, elegant, and express fashion sensual and through a biggest party or a romantic night out. 

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You must choose a look according to the event you attend. It is not the same as a casual dinner or a wild night in a nightclub. Here we give you some tips to perfectly attend each evening event.


If you have a date, birthday or a casual dinner with friends, the best way is to bet on the essential jeans. So it will not look very journal, as you can supplement it with heels and stylize your figure with a simple blouse. The final touch will put the add-ons: a nice necklace, earrings elegant or a fun bracelets can make a difference.

Combine Things: 

Combinations are numerous but its important thing to think about in which environment you’re going to move and how you feel more comfortable. If your goal is to stand out and express fashion then opt for metallic (silver, gold, bronze) or bright colors, which can combine with flattering black skinnies.

Elegant Black:

If you want to look chic and be comfortable while dancing until the sun comes up, bet on jeans and a blouse groundbreaking for transparencies or elegant black. You will be the sensation of the night. Always remember to add a touch to your look with the right accessories and you are all set to go. 

Striking Colors:

For a more demanding night of engagement, including dinner, parties and cocktails, the best bet for an elegant and sober image is to discard and move the most striking colors with black, red or pink. It is best to opt for short dresses that meet the protocol of the dinner and the fun time for dancing, accompanied by some nice heels and a good hairstyle and makeup.


You can combine them with a loose blouse or add an open blazer. You can also combine short with a nice top combined with fringed vest. Pair it with heels and all will be spectacular.


Lace is always an excellent choice, especially for the night. Whether white or black is ideal for showing off figure and give off sensuality. You can express fashion and combine a lace blouse with a straw, add earrings and necklace or top it off with a good heel. This look will serve both dinner and for a night of dancing. 

Bright Leggings:

For a more rocking look, bet on a bright leggings, black or a red. Complement with a lingerie or message shirt and end it with some high heels. Do not forget a simple but with red lipstick and makeup.

Choose the Fabric Wisely:

For a night out, you must remember that if you go to dance most likely to sweat, so it is advisable to go for fabrics that you do not suffer for it. And remember, that simplicity combined well is always the best option.

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