Tips for Wearing Formal a Dress in Style

Although there is no magic or a dress well formula, yes there are several simple tips that can help you find a natural, sober and consistent appearance with every formal occasion. 

The female image in a work environment projects in several ways: the way of speaking, makeup, latest fashion trends, behavior at the table and of course the way she dresses. The personal aspect undoubtedly reflects who we are, the professionalism that we have, and the institution we represent. 

The style of dress is one of the most important aspects in the image we project. Sometimes you can be in the latest fashion, but do not look good. Or look stunning with old clothes taken out of the closet. This indicates that with a little creativity and analyzing variables such as the body, age, climate and location a woman can be well dressed.

You must first identify latest fashion trends and garments that you feel good and second, always wear clothes with good taste. In this issue, we will tell you some basic rules that must be always presented when a woman is getting dressed:


Not all trends are for all women, neither all garments are for all bodies. Each fashion has its demands. In many cases, if you want to be fashionable, you can look tacky. So always prefer your age and style over fashion trends.

Less is more:

It is a rule where the protagonist is simplicity. It is advisable to get everything at once. Do not mix much with great accessories like makeup, heels, flashy pants and a neckline. This is an exaggeration. Always remember that less is more, so keep it simple.


Look out for different aspects such as good care of nails (always must be impeccable), the subtlety of a good perfume, nicely trimmed hair and radiant skin are well-cared details that will complement a good dress. Here are some suggestions that you have to keep in mind to dress well. Women's clothes may have many latest fashion trends, but there is always classic clothes that cannot miss such as: Pants and Black Skirts .They will always be a good alternative to dress well because they have the advantage of being combined with many colors and various prints.

Shirts and Blouses

The white shirt or blouse is a ubiquitous garment serves for any occasion.


Jackets allow assemble a set with pants or a skirt, even for people who live in warm climates can wear a light jacket with a more formal look.

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For those who live in cold weather, a black sweater and a white serve any time. To give life can use a neckerchief, a pashmina or a necklace with the rest of the clothing. If your intent is a more casual look, rather latest fashion trends, then you can use a more modern necklace.


Jeans is a garment that you should not miss, as it goes with everything and can be used for almost any occasion. Jeans with a white shirt and a blazer or jacket with boots, high heels or sandals in warm season are an ideal choice for casual Friday dress day at the office. However, jeans never should be taken with tennis.


In warm or hot weather it is always key to have skirts and khaki or brown, beige and white pants. Colors like ivory, white, brown, navy blue, military green, and cinnamon work well to combine. 


Many women live in comfort to wear casual clothes every day that when presented with the event going to work in formal clothes or any formal situation they does not know what to wear because many do not like shopping, but if you invest in a suit or formal dressing, the do it intelligently. Follow these latest fashion trends and tips for wearing a formal dress in style. 

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